To Formulate any solution, we use a unique approach and process to view and understand your needs.

“Altitude” is defined as the height of an object or point in relation to sea level or ground level. It’s commonly used by commercial airline pilots to identify for their passengers the flying level to give them the smoothest and safest flight possible.

The View from Altitude

“Altitude”, in the business and financial world, is about being able to see clearly your past, present, and future opportunities, and react to them positively. Several years ago, a business colleague of ours said that he was in peril as he found himself in the possible path of a massive wildfire in his office in southern California. He said the smoke was so thick that he could barely see the parking lot from his window, and the only way he knew where the advancing fire was traveling was from reporters flying above. They were looking and filming the blaze and reporting its direction.

Many of us are blinded financially by the “smoke” of market conditions, fear of what the future holds for our businesses, being unsure of what our retirement years might bring, our family’s security, trust funds, cash on hand, and maintaining the lifestyle of which we have been accustomed.

Our planning process takes you up to “altitude” where you will view your financial situation with a clear and focused picture as you coordinate the different areas of planning. After making decisions, we return to the “ground level” to implement those decisions. Your options and results become highly customized and easily understood.

The FutureSystemTM Approach

The process of the Planning Strategies classifies assets into 5 pre-determined Categories according to each asset’s purpose and function in one’s life. It is the exact sequence of steps to identify and manage a client’s financial issues, coordinate the strategies, and formulate solutions to make sure there are no planning gaps. When evaluated within this process, many clients realize their assets have been improperly positioned to work towards meeting their goals and lack the desired tax efficiency. Traditionally, multiple products were needed to solve wealth accumulation, protection, and distribution issues.

The FutureSystem™ Methodology can help you:

  • Solve multiple problems simultaneously which results in a more efficient and cost-effective decision process
  • Self-insure some or all your estate tax liquidity needs and possibly reduce or eliminate the purchasing of at-risk life insurance
  • Produce a planning platform from which you can base all your future financial and estate planning issues, and probably save you money

You may have experienced that too much information can lead to confusion. With what seems to be a sea of information and sources, it has become difficult to make an informed decision on who to do business with and where to seek financial advice. The entire process is ingeniously simple, highly interactive, and is contracted for an initial advisory fee. In virtually every situation we have a significant impact on our client’s prior planning. The more conventional planning already done and products purchased, the better chance we have of making a lasting impact.

You will design your entire financial and estate plan using the FutureSystemTM interactive and consultative process. There will not be a 10-15 page report produced which is usually never read, but a simple and categorized listing of your assets with an income, liquidity, and net-to-heirs analysis for each asset.