National Resources

Once you work though our Value Acceleration Methodology and before you entertain any deals or offers, utilize our national resources. Through our 20+ year relationship with City National Rochdale we are able to offer to select business owners access to their Private Wealth Solutions and Business Advisory Teams.

We have dedicated specialists at City National Rochdale and City National Bank who we can bring into the process to assist us on all aspects of your business transition, from the sale itself to personal financial and your wealth transfer plans. They pair sophisticated financial tools and modeling techniques with a personal approach to illustrate for you the financial benefits advance planning can help deliver.

A business transition is a dynamic process. Working with our team, our process, our national resources, and your local professionals we can help develop an integrated plan for both your business transition and your personal wealth.

How Intangible Capitals Make or Break A Business

Often up to 80% of your company’s value lies within these four intangible capital assets. Learn how you can evaluate and strengthen these assets which can drive more profits and higher valuation.   

From Successful to Significant

Learn the framework for a High Value Transition, and how business owners can align their business, personal, and financial goals, while shifting from successful business owners to significant business owners.  

2023 National State of Owner Readiness Report

In this report you will understand how business owners have become more educated and prepared for their eventual exit, and what has caused this demographic shift in the marketplace.