Why don’t more families have coordinated and tailored plans to fit their unique circumstances?

  • Time commitment
  • Unwillingness to share information
  • Spousal involvement
  • Difficulty to navigate complex financial issues
  • Family dynamics
  • Business issues
  • False hope the tax exemptions will remain high

Are you prepared for sunsetting Federal Estate Tax Exemptions? If “No”, why not? The race is ON!

  • Historically high estate tax exemptions represent a unique opportunity for planning, but are scheduled to sunset December 31, 2025.
  • Will these levels be extended? Probably not, our government needs the revenue.
  • It’s the tax law in effect when you make substantial gifts and when you die that counts.
  • Avoid costly missteps and Start Now!

Our unique planning process combined with years of experience with affluent families will help you simplify the maze of financial issues with effective solutions that meet your specific circumstances.