Our planning clients want the maze of financial issues simplified with effective solutions that are coordinated and tailored to fit their unique circumstances.  Depending on your family’s total wealth, decisions involving gifting specific assets, cash, or business interests are often very difficult to evaluate. Remember, “permanent” in the eyes of Congress is always subject to change.  It is the tax laws in effect when you make substantial gifts and when you die that counts.  Who knows what that might be in the future?  

Our planning process combined with years of experience with wealthy families will help you formulate answers to these types of critical questions:

  • How does current tax law affect my family’s wealth?
  • Can you afford it?
  • What are the effects on your remaining estate?
  • How can you structure your legacy so your heirs can best handle your wealth?

Our value proposition also provides:

  • Flexibility – we understand the world is constantly changing and our process allows for flexibility in solutions.
  • Privacy & Transparency – your confidence, protection of confidential information, and transparency are critical.
  • Interactivity – essential involvement in the process produces customized solutions.
  • Sensitivity to Risk – we understand that as wealth grows, many individuals become increasingly risk mitigators.
  • Simplicity & Cost Effectiveness – our simple process provides the coordination of solutions and tax efficiency most people desire.